Your step by step


CART: In this you can watch what you bought. If you regret something, the article is removed by clicking the minus ... etc..

ADDRESS: See so that it is correct ... then NEXT

DELIVERY: Here you can only choose the swedish POST. This item is not free but I I have to pack your things in order to see the post /shippingcost.

PAYMENT: You can only select Advance/ Förskottsbetalning BANK WIRE, w
e will then agree on how you want to pay

CONFIRM: Here you confirm your order
An e-mail goes off to me and to you and the order is made! ; o) 

When I receive your order, so I pack it to get the shipping cost. (Not free)
I pack your things well, in a package that fits your stuff and I do not charge any extra cost for the handling of your package. I send in the mail.

I try to take care of your order within 5 days. If you are in a hurry, email me.
I need to book me for any end sales since it is mostly only one of each item. Look if it says 0 in stock ... Then I have not had time to remove it, but it will still appear. Please be lenient with this.

Recommended is an option if you bought a lot.
Packages to be sent abroad, preferably with insured packages. You can email me and ask about the shippingcost prior to your order if you like.
The responsibility for your package ends for me when I submit it to the post.
But all of this, we will agree on ...

If you have questions email me
Have a good day and thanks for looking in 
Best regards Carola


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