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Medelmslistan - The member list

Don´t forget to email me!
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TO PayPal

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+ your name...

100billclub = 100 SEK a year...

If you join this club you get access to all of my over 250 dollhouses and their rooms.
Many is furnished towards the catalogs.

You also get access to other dollhouse collectors and their houses..
You get a lot of information and so on...
I put down a lot of work so I hope for you to join.
Also if you are locking for something, I or sombody in the club might have it!

The ones who has their name on this list have gladly paid 100 SEK / YEAR
to my PayPal account!.
You can also pay through IBAN and BIC, just email me for more info.

Now you need to have a loggin.
If you want to join up for membership send me a email and I will tell you how!
Welcome! //Cola

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